Covenant Business Directory

Did you know there is a community in our church that can be untapped? Many of us know the occupations of many of the saints in the Bible, Paul was a tentmaker, David was a shepherd and Peter was a fisherman. However, the church members in our own church many times do not know the occupations of those who sit alongside of them in worship or do ministry with them in the community.


Here at Covenant, we wish to create a new community of believers connected in new ways that allow them to purchase goods and services from each other. That is why we have partnered with Kingdom Press to create a Church Business Directory. In this directory, you will find the many church members who own businesses or work for companies that they are proud of. We have also invited the vendors that provide services to our church campus to be a part of the directory so that you know who we use and you can try them too. We hope you will utilize this directory to its fullest and find a new community amongst our members and friends.


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