Theological Topics

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 Theological Articles 
Helpful Resources on Tithing 
This is a list of various links to articles and other resources concerning the topic of tithing. More ...
The Uniqueness of Christianity
What makes Christianity different from all other religions? More ...
Jonathan Culley
Creationism: Various Views
What are the various views of creationism? Which views does our denomination support? More ...
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Infant Baptism
Why do we baptize our infants? Is it biblical? Where is it in the Bible? More ...
Lords Supper iStock00000236332
Preparing for the Lord's Supper
How do you prepare spiritually for the Lord's Supper? Learn what 1 Corinthians 11 has to say about that important question. More ...
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 Discipleship Articles 
Prayer Week Icon 64 x 64
How to Pray
Having trouble praying? Burned out on prayer? Feeling guilty about not praying? Here are some thoughts and suggestions about prayer that I hope you find encouraging. More ...
Jonathan Culley
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Bible Tools
Need help staying on task with reading your Bible and applying it to your life? This is a collection of tools to help you do just that. Includes the SPECK tool. More ...
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Accountability Tools
Ever wanted to have a close, trusted friend hold you accountable in certain areas of your life? Here are some tools to help you get started. More ...
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