Becoming a Church Member

You've probably worshiped with us for a little while now, and you may be curious what membership is all about.  Or perhaps you're a member elsewhere and just moved into the area and feel ready to make Covenant your new "church home."  This page contains all the information you need to know for how to become a member.

Sign Up for a class:

Our membership classes cover what is means to be a PCA Presbyterian and what Covenant Presbyterian Church's vision is.  Get to know who we are and what we stand for at a deeper level.  These classes are a requirement for membership; however, you do not need to commit to membership to attend the classes.

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Preparing for A class:

Please fill out this form in preparation for attending your membership classes.

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What's Next?

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Membership Process in a Nutshell

To become a member, here are the steps you need to take.  Please note that there is no obligation to become a member, even after attending the classes.  You don't have to make the decision until you feel fully comfortable with joining our family.
bluebutton01 Attend the Membership Classes, where Pastor Jerry fully explains what it means to be a member and describes in more detail who we are, our core beliefs, and what we offer as a church.  
bluebutton02 Attend an Elder Interview. This consists of a couple of elders or an elder and his wife sitting down with you and having a friendly conversation with you about your spiritual walk with God. 
bluebutton03 Induction Weekend - Where you along with the others from the class who have moved forward with membership are invited to take these vows publicly in a brief ceremony during the worship service.  This is also the time when baptism will be performed if needed.