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For anybody who loves and follows Jesus, God's Word for them is truly a fountain of life.  We find much freedom and joy when we sit at the feet of Jesus, our great Teacher, and listen to Him as He speaks through His living Word.  The Psalmist says, "Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight" (Psalm 119:35).

Although we don't always feel delighted to read or study the Bible, when we turn our ear to God and open His Word with a humble heart, God does relate to us and speak to us through it.  This is why we believe that it's absolutely critical for God's people to be "feeding" from God's Word on their own, not just relying on the sermon as their only "meal."

Here are some tools and guidance to help you spend time with God and dig into the Bible.

Personal Worship Tools

  bluebutton   How to Pray
  bluebutton   SPECK Personal Worship Tool
  bluebutton   SPECK Personal Worship Tool (Sample)
  bluebutton   21-Day Personal Worship Journal (Randy Pope)

Bible Reading Plans

  bluebutton   Discipleship Journal, 2-column Plan (1-year)
  bluebutton   Discipleship Journal, 4-column Plan (1-year)
  bluebutton   Straight Through the Bible Plan (Heartlight) (1-year)
  bluebutton   Witmer Plan, 2-column (2-year)
  bluebutton   Zondervan Chapter-a-Day Plan (3-year)
  bluebutton   Bible Reading for Shirkers and Slackers (self-paced)
  bluebutton   Bogart Select Chapters Plan (self-paced)
  bluebutton   YouVersion Bible App for Mobile Phones and Tablets

Bible Study Resources

  bluebutton   Online Study Bibles, Libraries, and Other Resources

Bible Memory Tools

  bluebutton   Verse List - Core Set
  bluebutton   Verse List - Assurance
  bluebutton   Verse List - Sharing Your Faith
  bluebutton   Topical Memory System (Navigators)
  bluebutton   Fighter Verse Program (Bethlehem Baptist Church)
  bluebutton   Memorize Bible Book Names