How to Develop Your Testimony

If an unbeliever were to ask you, "Why do you love Jesus so much?  What has he done for you?", could you give an answer?  Could you give lots of answers?  Every Christian should, because God is very gracious to us.  The Bible says we should "always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have" (1 Peter 3:15).  This page is designed to help you give answers to these questions.

There are two kinds of testimonies, and both are very similar.
  • The first and most obvious is your conversion story, or the account of your salvation.
  • The second kind is what we like to call "testimonials" or snippets of how God has helped you in specific ways throughout your Christian life.
A Christian will have one "testimony" (conversion story) but multiple "testimonials."  It's good to put some work into developing both kinds, because the more you can account for God's life-changing grace in your life, the more your own faith will be strengthened, the more you can encourage other believers with the same life issues, and the more you can relate to unbelievers.

How has Jesus changed your life?

Fill in the answers to the below questions and we'll edit and publish an article for you on the web site.  All testimonies must adhere to the following guidelines to be published:

  • Must give credit to Jesus Christ.  In other words, it needs to clearly demonstrate that Jesus made all the difference in the life-change that you're describing.
  • Must be clear and succinct.  Extraneous details may be edited out.
  • We recommend that you include relevant Scripture passages, showing the connection between God's Word and your life.

Before:  What was your life like before Jesus changed you?
Turning Point:  How did you come to realize your need for change, and specifically how did Jesus change you?
After:  Since Jesus changed you, how has your life been different?  What benefits have you experienced?